Students to Held Protest Against VTU CBCS Scheme on August 18

Students studying in colleges affiliated under VTU [Visvesvaraya Technological University] have called for a statewide protest on 18th of August in order to raise their concern and protest against the CBCS [Choice Based Credit System] scheme, that was launched from the academic year 2015-2016 onwards for all newly joined students.

The protest will be backed by the All India Democratic Students Organisation [AIDSO] and the reason for the strike is as follows:
The university introduced the CBCS system in the 2015-16 academic year for the first year batch. The senior batches were following the previous system. When non-CBCS second year students lost a year after failing in some subjects, they had to attend the third year with their junior batch which was following CBCS. But their modules, exam pattern, assessment and marks cards are completely different,
 Even though strikes for the same cause were conducted in the past also, the student organization now demands that all year back students who are new to the CBCS scheme be allowed to take up their backlog examination at the end of the current ongoing semester, without having them lose a year. Moreover, the demands also include supplementary exams for VTU CBCS students with backlogs, as the last revaluation results came quite late during the scheduled exams.

What are your views about the CBCS scheme under VTU? Leave your comments and also raise your concerns in the comments section below.

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  1. Since because there was problem by vtu, and considering 2010 scheme as special case give complete carry over so that students enter final year and finish there engineering and reduce burden for vtu and college staffs , and due to delay of results and late announcement of revaluation results give supplementary for cbcs students .


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